Corporate Chair Massages and Special Events

Time Out for You Massage Therapy chicago IL

Looking for the best chair massage in Chicago? Want to find a mobile massage therapist that comes right to your work? Well, you found the right place!

Do you feel uncomfortable undressing for a table massage? Have no time to make an expensive appointment at a spa between work, family, school and life?! We can help and it won’t cost an arm and a leg.

Time Out for You Massage Therapy is a local and independently owned massage therapy business that comes to you.

Therapeutic massage for the working class is our dream. From corporate office buildings to mechanic shops, we all have jobs that cause stress on our bodies. Massage therapy doesn’t have to be an expensive luxury service. Time Out for You Massage Licensed massage therapist staff arrives ready to work and give you a new take on massage. We strive to be both affordable and approachable. Everyone should have the opportunity to feel better.

Using corporate chair massage as a regular employee benefit or relaxation and wellness service can be an asset it helps in reducing tension and fatigue and increases productivity.

Massage can be used as a reward mechanism to show your employees or special clients that you appreciate their work.

Time Out for You Massage licensed massage therapist brings the chair to you. You don’t get undressed. You don’t leave all covered in oils and hair a mess. In fact, you don’t even need to find time between work, family, friends, school, or whatever! We set up right in your lunchroom, break room, spare office or right in a lobby! Get a massage on lunch or break time. Onsite chair massage is the perfect workplace massage option. Little space needed, no private or quite area required. Employee appreciation has never been easier! And no, this isn’t the same old chair massage routine. Our licensed therapists focus on the spot that are causing you the trouble. So even a short time can be very effective.

We are a small town business hoping to work with and help out other small town business.

Corporate chair massage is definitely an asset to any company!

Bring us to your workplace for annual Wellness Employee Appreciation Days or Client Appreciation Days. We can meet the needs of almost any company, no matter how big or small!

Call 708.435.9494 or email us to book your On-Site Chair Massage today!

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