Corporate Chair Massage & Special Events

Corporate chair massage in the workplace is an effective strategy to lower work related stress and to increase productivity. It also help in fulfilling the employer’s responsibility towards employees as a regular employee benefit or a relaxation and wellness package.

Corporate chair massage as it is commonly known is a cost effective way of lowering health care costs for employers. Some of the benefits of corporate chair massage include, increased alertness, increased production, boosts morale and decreases absenteeism.

Corporate chair massage has become one of the most popular health benefits and wellness package requested in the workplace. With the increased pressure on employees and physical demands of sitting at the computer table for long hours, or if employees have been standing up for a long period of time, or any job it has become important to reduce work-related stress.

Using corporate chair massage as a regular employee benefit or relaxation and wellness service can be an asset it helps in reducing tension and fatigue and increases productivity.

Corporate chair massage is performed on-site, with no oils and employees being fully clothed. The massage routine is well-structured and is administered in a special chair provided by licensed massage practitioners. The massage can be adjusted to individual needs focusing on the back, shoulders, neck, arms and hands and is for a for a duration of 15-20 minutes.

Corporate chair massage has also proved to be a healthier option to have in the workplace than a coffee vending machine.

Corporate chair massage in the workplace helps in motivating team members and gives them a feeling of being valuable to the company.

Benefits of Corporate Chair Massage Anytime, Anywhere! With chair massage the benefits are clear and simple. You feel better. Increased Morale You feel more relaxed, less tension, more mobile, rejuvenated, and more alert. The results are immediate and real!

Any business knows the importance of keeping that cutting edge over competitors in the field. What better way is there to keep your employees preforming ‘top notch’ all the time than by offering them corporate chair massages.

Bring us to your workplace for annual Wellness Employee Appreciation Days or Client Appreciation Days.

Massage can be used as a reward mechanism to show your employees or special clients that you appreciate their work.

It says “Thank you for working hard toward our goals...Thank you for all your hard work...Thank you for your loyal patronage...Thank you for your dedication to our company".

Corporate chair massage is definitely an asset to any company!

We can meet the needs of almost any company, no matter how big or small!

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